Health Care Facility Staffing

When you collaborate with Alpha Resources Ltd., staffing shortages are one less thing to worry about. After all, with over 20 years of healthcare staffing experience, we handle all your health care needs efficiently,economically, and professionally, leaving you free to put your focus where it needs to be – on your facility.

Health care organizations use our services to augment their operation. We play a significant role in their staffing solution and are considered as their partner-in- care.Health care facilities can rely on the wealth of skills that our professionals possess to take care of their most important people, their clients. Together we work to build synergy.

Alpha professional health team consists of of:

  • Registered Nurses
  • Registered Practical Nurses
  • Personal Support Workers
  • Development Service Workers
  • Social Service Worker

Our recruiters will streamline your healthcare recruiting process to find the staff you need.

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